General DescriptionEdit

The Toilet Brush Salesman has a tough life. Everytime he shows up he either dies or is transformed. He is very fond of his toilet brushes, and appears as a stick figure with a briefcase
Toilet Brush Salesman

TBS in Mr. Happy Visits His Parents


First Apperance: Mr. Happy Visits his Parents

Most Recent Apperance: Mr. Happy's Pet Zombie

Creator: Matthew (MrHappy21)

Eyes: Stalk


TBS always loved handheld bathroom appliances. His parents reported that numerous times he could be found wearing a toilet plunger on his head and a toilet brush in his hand. "We thought he had mental problems at first," said his father, a respected lawer, "So we took him to The Doctor Dude. Nothing was wrong with him. He just loved toiletries!" As he grew up, TBS saved his money, and eventually bought a toilet brush company. He perfected the craft, but eventually grew bored of sitting at a desk, being the CEO. "So I sold the company, and came back as a salesman," said TBS. "Many people loved the fact that they didn't have to drive all the way to the store to get a new toilet brush."