The Return (Page 9)



And here we are.  Page 9 of The Return.  When I was making this, I was thinking, what's way I can break the fourth wall even more?  And then I said, "I'll throw in ALL OTHER FORMS OF THINGS I CREATE!  Don't worry, this isn't some portal hopping adventure.  You'll see what happens.  There's only two pages left of The Return, page 10 and an epilogue.  And then this show is gonna get on the road!  When I was making these, I actually made them as an ending to Mr. Happy.  But, reading them over, I decided to continue maknig them.  How, you say?  Well, thats or you to find out.  Page 10 on Friday.  I'm leaving for a week on Sunday, but I'll see if I can get someone else to post the epilogue for me on Monday.  

Until then, stay happy!

~MrHappy21/The Artist 05:19, June 3, 2014 (UTC)