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DUN DUN DUN!  Tune in next week for the thrilling continuation that still has a few pages left!  Sorry for the delay again.  It won't be this bad when there's next to no digital editing involved.  It's tough to photoshop me in there sometimes.  I put the first Archive comic up on Wednesday, which is Mr. Happy: Lost in the Jungle.  That comic is actually quite important to Mr. Happy history.  After I stopped making comics when I gave up the first form of Mr. Happy Time Travels in 5th or 6th grade, there was a large amount of time where I didn't make anything at all.  Then, in 7th grade, I was sitting in the gym bored with Garrett (Who had been the co-founder of Mr. Happy) and Marcello (The only one reading this right now) so I decided why not try to make something good for once?  I started drawing Mr. Happy: Lost in the Jungle.  This was the longest comic so far (besides Time Travels) with 6 pages.  Garrett liked the idea of starting up again and he began to make Ye Olde Mr. Happy Comic, which was never really finished.  That's when I made the Mr. Happy Shorts (like Happy Game Night)  and most of the comics on this website.  Now the ones that I didn't post are going to be posted in Archives.

If any of you have visited the Time Travels section lately you've seen that the names are very strange all of a sudden.  For example, Time Travels: Meet the King is now Time Travels: The Beginning/Time Travels: Past/Time Travels: Meet the King.  If you click on that page, you'll see why.  There are now automatic links to the previous pages you've visited if you want to ever backtrack.  Tell me what you think in the comments!  

You'll notice I haven't mentioned the last line of this comic yet.  All I'm going to say is don't panic.  

and Stay Happy!

~MrHappy21/The Artist 16:46, May 17, 2014 (UTC)

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