The Return Page 6


Announcement: Sorry about the delay! Couldn't accesss the computer.  Yup, it's me in comic form again.  I know  I kinda went crazy with that before the break.  I wanted to avoid it this time around but it was nessisary to set off the plot.  It gets more interesting soon, don't worry. I've gotten one vote on the archives poll so unless someone else shows up, I think we'll be looking at Mr. Happy: Lost in the Jungle for tomorrow's archive!  

Another thing!  I'm not always gonna wanna make something based on this plot, so I'm going to make a section to replace the Other Stuff section, which is being archived.  So I'm going to make a "Old Style" section or something along those lines.  The updates here will be few and scattered, but when I start an arc there, it will update on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Also, when I'm in an archive arc, it will update every Wednesday.  When I'm not in an arc it'll be every other.  I'll see you tomorrow for Mr. Happy Archives and on Friday for The 6th Page of The Return!
~MrHappy21/The Artist 02:29, May 15, 2014 (UTC)