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Announcement: Hey! I'm going to do an announcement section at the bottom of each comic now.  From now on I will be adopting a schedule.  I know, I tried this before, but it'll work this time because I have lots of pages of The Return that I need to post.  So, this way, I make the comics weeks before I post them instead of trying to the night before.  So it'll work ike this from now on: Monday and Friday will be Mr. Happy days.  I'll post an Archives Comic every other wednesday because there are so limited of them. I am discontinuing Mr. Happy Time Travels because these multiple endings things never work. The archives section will also include the unposted pages of Mr. Happy's Pet Zombie and Time Travels and pretty much anything else that doesn't fit into the story. Thats right, you heard me: story!  I'm throwing away trying to keep to a strip comic, cuz the longer ones are always better.  From now on, Mr. Happy will have a continuous plot!  Well, it might change every now and then.  The Return here is an example of a story arc.  Each story arc will have 10-20 pages and will act like an issue of a comic book, generally adding to the major plot.  There will be occasional shenanigans that don't relate to the plot.  Also, to my personal friends, if I lent you any of my old comics and come across them, please contact me!  Cuz I want them!  I believe that's all for now.  Check back friday for a new page!

MrHappy21/The Artist 23:14, May 7, 2014 (UTC)

PS: As for the awesome face, it was cool in 4th Grade when I made this character. See the next page for more on this guy.