The Return (Epilogue)



So that's that! The end of the first story arc. And another comes on Monday! I'm really exited to get this started!  The next story arc is called Post Cancellation, and it's pretty good, if you ask me.  But then again, I thought Mr. Happy's Many Talents and Mr. Happy and the Science Experiment were good back in fourth grade.  I'm actually really proud of this whole thing, becuase this feels like a really creative plot. The question it's pretty much asking is "what happens to characters after they are abandoned by their creators?" I don't mean to pat myself on the back here, but that's a pretty cool question to ask.  

I told you that not everyone would make it through this comic!  Although Mr. Happy is probably the last person you expected to be killed off.  Although Mr. Happy dying isn't really that far out, once people drop for good, the comic's namesake isn't usually, you know, dead at the very beginning.  

I'll finish this announcement later.