Gone. All Gone. Everything. Gone. Everyone over 16 is either a zombie or dead. The kids are left to fend for themselves. Now, MrHappy21 brings this to the world of Stories. To read an adventure in these stories read The Chronicles of Survival. (Inspired by Charlie Higson's The Enemy)


a typical monday morning


  • When the characters die, THEY DO NOT RESPAWN. They are now a completely different character.
  • Kids don't get infected! The zombies (or whatever you decide to call them) eat children. They do not infect.
  • If someone turns 16, they do not zombify.
  • The more kids the zombies eat, the less diseased they are, the stronger they are.
  • There is no running water, and no electicity.
  • Because time does not rewind, each decision is binding. Therefore "messing around" can often be devastating.

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