Stories is a game invented by Wiki Member DDDragoni . It works like a role playing game but there is no annoying dice rolling and stuff. For example, if you wanted to sit in a chair, you would say "I sit in the chair."

Types of StoriesEdit

There are different themes of stories, including Monster Hunter Stories, Space Stories, and the most popular Medieval Stories. Recently, MrHappy21 and DDDragoni started a new type of story. The Homestuck-style story. Additionally, MrHappy21 started a story based on Charlie Higson's The Enemy.


These are constant accross all stories.

  • The Narrator is Supreme. Whatever he/she says, goes.
  • When you die you are teleported back before you made the decion that made you die (Exception: The Enemy Stories. See article)
  • No annoying stats. This isn't dungeons and dragons. (Exception: Health)
  • The group can be as large as you want. People can join in whenever it fits into your story. (Exception: Homestuck Story. Read it and see why.)