Hey everyone that doesn't actually exist, it is I, The Artist, with a Special Announcement. Mr. Happy has finally been given it's own website! Enough with the whole wiki thing. This website has gotten cluttered with random crap. There's Stories and The Other Session Beta and this page which I'm not sure when/why I made it. Fricken memes man. Ugh. Anyway, I found a great site to host Mr. Happy on. It's not fully set up yet, but it exists. Here is a link: You'll notice that the only thing up is The Return (Page 1), but different. I'm remaking The Return because when I started it I was actually going to cancel the comic, so it didn't really fit into the whole Post Cancellation deal. Also lined paper doesn't make a good first impression. You might also notice that the official name of the comic is now Mr. Happy: Post-Cancellation. I feel that this title has a bit more of a draw in value than just Mr. Happy. It is also to distinguish between the story comics, the Mr. Happy Archives, and the old Main Webcomic pages that were before The Return. Speaking of The Return, this version of it will be longer. It'll provide a better view of the original comic to people that never read it. This wiki will remain existent. It'll probably actually function as a wiki now. Weird. I think that's really all there is to say on the matter, other than that I'll try to pick up a regular schedule again. Hopefully that will last (It won't). So go check out

And stay happy! ~MrHappy21/The Artist 18:15, March 9, 2015 (UTC)

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