General DescriptionEdit

Sparrow Helmet

Sparrow Helmet

Sparrow Helmet is the character MrHappy21 plays as in Medieval Stories. He is an archer and has a knack for dying in rediculous ways. He appears as a stick figure with a golden helmet with wings.


Creator: Daniel (DDDragoni)

Player: Matthew (MrHappy21 )


Eyes: Hybrid

Real Life OriginEdit

The setting: An ordinary camground. The event: People sitting around bored. Suddenly, Daniel comes up with an idea. 'Let's play a game," he says. "I call it 'Stories'!" And just like that, Stories were born.

After a while of this, Matthew walks up. "What are you doing?"

"I call it Stories."

"Can I join?"


After a while of waiting, Matthew yells "CANIJOININNOW!!!???"

"Suddenly, an arrow flies in from the distance!...It's Robin Hood!"

"I kill him and take his place!"

"It's Sparrow Helmet!" This is the first recorded apperance of Sparrow Helmet and the end of present tense.

Character OriginEdit

However, Sparrow Helmet did not just appearify and kill Robin Hood. He had a life before then. A bad one. As a baby, Sparrow Helmet was "accidently" lit on fire, stabbed repeatedly, and thrown into a woodchipper by his parents. He miraclously survived. A group of wandering sparrows lifted him up (he is a stick figure after all) and raised him as thier own. After about two seconds, he fell out of the nest. Soon, an overweight prince tripped over him. He ordered the exicutioner to chop off his head. The exicutioner couldn't bring himself to do it. (Later, when he was replaced with the chopping system, he was the first to go for that) "Fine then. I'll take it home and see what I can do with it," said the prince. Over the years, Sparrow Helmet did many jobs at the castle, such as toilet plunger and doorstop. After every day, Sparrow Helmet's face was wet with tears, toilet water, and.....other things. Many years after the old king died, Sparrow Helmet was promoted to "the Guy Who Gets Me Stuff."