Post Cancellation 5



Wow! A subplot! How unexpected! If it weren't for the poll on the Main Page at the moment that tell you that was going to happen.  I picked these two because they were a pair that had never seen eachother before.  I thought it would be interesting to see how they react to eachother.  And in case you don't know who these two are, let me talk about them.

Sidewayshead Fred  was a character I made two comics about, Sidewaysheadfred Wants a Friend and SidewaysHeadFred Tours Europe.  I'm still not sure how his name is supposed to be spelled.  He is pretty much a normal guy, although his head is sideways.  And that had scarring effects on his childhood.  He's never really had a friend.  

Sparrow Helmet was created in a game my brother and I used to play.  He's pretty much me, but in more of a medieval archer kind of way.  He has some powers that I really need to talk about here.  First off is the storage system seen here.  He's from a role playing game, so naturally he has an inventory, which is what that is.  He also has two types of arrows: normal and stone.  His stone arrows can turn anything into stone when hit.  He has a limited amount of these, but an unlimited amount of normal ones.

Oh, by the way, that's the Toilet Brush Salesman next to that striped crayon.  Sorry.  He's just so fun to kill off.  Another thing!  Blood!  I'm going to include it from now on, because not including would be exceptionally frivolous.

So on that lovely note,  Stay Happy!

~MrHappy21/The Artist 00:41, August 7, 2014 (UTC)