Post Cancellation 2



Well. This is awkward. Uh...hey there, how are ya? It's been a long time. Biggest delay yet. 4 weeks I think. 3 and a half maybe. Well good news, though, this time, I'm making up for it! Expect 2 comics a day until I'm caught up, alright?

Expect. You might not receive.

Anyway let's talk about this comic. I think they're starting to look better, how about you? The sky is still white though, but that's by choice. Kind of a tradition. Everything else will be colored now, including when someone is in a building.

ALSO, in case you didn't know, the desert is from Mr. Happy and the Mirror. Interesting story with that comic. I drew it on one of those papers that does in between American cheese. You know, the semi-transparent stuff? The whole deal with that comic was that when Mr. Happy went through a mirror, you flipped the paper over and read it backwards. It was a terrible comic. I say was cuz some jerk ripped it to shreds. I still have part 2, though. I probably won't scan it, because it would be hard to read here. And the acid lake is obviously from Mr. Crayon Goes Fishing, which is one of the first guest comics made. Probably the first after Garrett and I started to make separate comics.

I'll see you later today with another comic! Until then, Stay Happy!

~MrHappy21/The Artist 23:46, July 26, 2014 (UTC)

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