Description Edit

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Mrs. Mad in Mr. Happy's Son

Mrs. Mad is a grumpy red mad face. She is married to Mr. Sad. She Gave birth to Mr. Happy a long time ago. She is a pessimist and never likes anything. Well, nothing but her fridge.

Origin (In old cannon)Edit

As a happy was created as a drawing and colored in by Mr. Crayon's relatives. From the beginning, it was nag, nag, nag, blah, blah, balh. She has two worst enemies. Her nieghbors, and her son, Mr. Happy.

Comic HistoryEdit

Mrs. Mad's first apperance on the site was in Mr. Happy's Son. Her hard copy comic deput was Mr. Happy Visits His Parents. See the Comics Mrs. Mad is in Here

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Mrs. Mad as she appears in modern comics minus coloration.