This comic was made based off a flipnote. It wasn't much better.

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If you dig deep into the meaning of this comic, it is a metaphor for...happiness comes from Waffles. Just ask Donkey Yes. I did just make that up. Right Now. Typing at this computer. While I think of ways to extend this caption. If you're still reading, 1) You're amazingly good at not being bored and clicking away, and 2) You are probably waiting to read the comic. 3) I like that number uh...4)...uh...come on guys! Help me out! "Hi" THat's great Mr. Happy. OW! M.D! That's my nose! "Death of Earth! Add Death of Earth!" Yeah, I don't think so Smiley Guy. So... I'm just gonna stop typing..."DEATH OF EARTH!!!!!!!"

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