Smiley Guy 1

Wow it's an archive! These haven't happened in a while! So this version of Mr. Happy Meets Smiley Guy was made while I was working on Mr. Happy's Pet Zombie. Smiley Guy was such a stupid character when I first made him. It was the freakin' awesome face meme, which I only knew from the Flipnote Hatena. I didn't even know it was really a thing. But I remade him into my own character, who was evil because he was. He told Mr. Happy to die, and so he did. He showed up a few more times, mostly in Dream World comics. He also had a brief appearance in the original Mr. Happy Time Travels, where he played a game of chess, lost to a hat, and exploded. I wanted to redefine the character with this thing, make him actually evil for a reason. I also (mostly) removed the awesome face. That came a lot earlier, when I tried writing a Mr. Happy book. This also introduces the Men With Slightly More Shaded Bodies, a parody of the Men in Black, who will be mentioned in Post Cancellation later on.

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