Mr. Happy was a webcomic written by Matthew Deegan and posted on this website.  The comic was originally a normal comedy strip comic starring Mr. Happy and the other Residents of Happy Land.  However, as time moved on, the comics got longer. Eventually, due to the potential for a plot, the comic was cancelled, and Post Cancellation replaced it.


Mr. Happy began in a fourth grde classroom.  After completing an assignment, the little forms of The Artist (Matthew) and his friend Garrett were bored and decided "Hey let's make a comic!"  I'm not really sure where that reasoning came from, but thats what happened.  They sat together in the corner and drew up Mr. Happy's Many Talents and Mr. Happy and the Science Experiment in their original form. Well, Matthew drew them but Garrett helped. For Many Talents, the second to last panel was drawn too small, and Mr. Happy looked like he was being crushed by the text box.  That's when the idea of the "death-in-every-comic" showed up.    Now they just needed a villian, Garrett looked over at the Crayola Crayon sharpener sitting on the shelf.  "How about that?"  And then they made Mr. Happy Meets Mr. Crayon. (The version here is not the original but it is the closest to the original that we have on this website).  They alternated drawing panels (Matthew in pencil and Garrett in blue pen).  When it was time to color, they didn't have a red colored pencil, so they used light green to color their new antagonist.  Then Matthew had an idea.  How about he makes the Mr. Happy comics, and Garrett made Mr. Crayon Comics!  That sounded like a great idea so they split up there.  That recess, Garrett drew up Mr. Crayon Goes Fishing while Matthew made the original version of Mr. Happy Visits His Parents and Mr. Happy at the Movies.  After that, there was a little pause.  We were out of ideas.

THAT IS UNTIL there was an art project in class.  Matthew had extra construcion paper and made Mr. Happy and the Dog.