Mr. Happy: Post-Cancellation is a Webcomic created byMatthew Deegan as a sequel to Mr. Happy .  Unlike its predecessor, which was a collection of humor strips, this comic has a continuous plot.   The comic has been attempted twice, once on this website and once on its own,  

The plot concerns the characters of a Webcomic that has just been cancelled living in the world that its Artist had left behind.  The official plot description is as follows:

"An unpopular webcomic is cancelled by it's regretful creator. The characters that once inhabited the pages of the comic think that all is lost. However, when a danger arises that could destroy what little they have left, it is up to the comic's former antagonist to journey through the strange, neglected world and find the one who he fought so often."

Arcs Edit

The story is split into multiple story arcs, each a subplot in the main story.

The Return

"A white void and a mysterious figure"

Original Version Edit

The story featured in Post-Cancellation originally appeared in Mr. Happy .  A version of The Return appeared there, and a second arc, just titled Post-Cancellation, was stopped in the middle.  There were a few significant differences, mainly because this version of the comic was made for people that had read the original comics.

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