Mr. Happy is a major caracter of the Mr. Happy Comics.  He was the main character before Mr. Crayon became the official protagonist in The Return.  He is a yellow happy face that is characterized by his low intelligence and childlike mannerism.  He does not know what any of those words mean.



Color:  Yellow

Eyes: Stalk

First Appearance:  Mr. Happy's Many Talents

Life Status:  Deceased

Favorite Food:  Waffles

Waffles Eaten:  0

Comics With Mr. Happy in Them


(Note:  According to this page, the Archives never happened.  However, it is said on Post Cancellation (Page 2) that they are "like a dream."  Either way, they aren't included here.)

Mr. Happy and the rest of his family (called Happies at the time) were drawn up by some kid in class.  However, the kid colored too hard and broke all the crayons (except for Mr. Crayon).  From the moment he entered the world, Mr. Happy was supremely optimistic.  No one saw him frown.  The first thing that he did was show off his Many Talents, but was suddenly crushed by the panel.  However, The Artist looked fondly upon Mr. Happy and brought him back to life.  (This happened for a long time, for The Artist would be out of a job otherwise.)  Soon after, he ran into Mr. Crayon, who was desperate for revenge for the other crayons.  Having been recently been touched by The Artist, Mr. Happy exhibits some powers that he had not previously had (nor will have again), such as teleportation.  Mr. Crayon defeated Mr. Happy and throws him into a lava pit (right before falling in himself).  Mr. Happy and Mr. Crayon are both brought back, and some time has passed before the next comic.  Mr. Happy is seen with a house, and the other "Happies" are settled down as well.  We can assume there have been some more run-ins with Mr. Crayon, because he seems more annoyed than angry at Mr. Happy.  More used to him.  Some time after he visits his parents, he finds a zombie wandering around.  After turning into one himself, he becomes the pack leader of the Zombies, and the smartest one of them all.  Suddenly, the comic is cancelled.  Mr. Happy wakes up to say goodbye to Mr. Crayon before he makes The Choice.  Mr. Happy chooses the third option of painful death and burns to a crisp,  dying permanatly this time.