Mr. Crayon is a living crayon. He is easily angered and quick to resort to violence. He hates the Happies, especially Mr. Happy. He was the leader of The Crayon Clan before it was disbanded.


After spending years as the antagonist, Mr. Crayon evolved into the protagonist, taking Mr. Happy's place, during Post Cancellation.

Here is a list of Comics with Mr. Crayon in them.

Mr. Crayon once had a spinoff series of comics as written by Garrett, here.

First Appearance: Mr. Happy Meets Mr. Crayon

Creator: Garrett and Matthew

Comic History Edit

Mr. Crayon's first appearance was in Mr. Happy Meets Mr. Crayon, where he and Mr. Happy had a dispute over who was the star of the comic. This is most likely not the actual origin of their rivalry, however. Mr. Crayon is victorious in the battle, but falls into lava and dies. The Artist took pity on the duo and brought back to life. Mr. Happy and Mr. Crayon fought for many years following. Eventually, Mr. Crayon settles down, and he is shown with a son. He no longer wants to kill Mr. Happy the moment he sees him, as shown here. But, per the norm, he still kills him every now and then, and is angry that The Artist keeps bringing him back to life.

When Mr. Crayon sees a zombie, he instinctively shoots it (and Mr. Happy). When Mr. Happy's corpse reanimates, this causes a zombie apocalypse. He is thrust into being the hero when a scientist arrives to bring him to a meeting of the Secret Order of the Crayons and they are attacked. He saves the Scientist, but is wounded. After being healed by Monk Crayon, Mr. Crayon becomes a hero as he and the Scientist (alongside Anime Crayon and Super Crayon) attempt to fight off the zombie hoard.

Just as the climax was approaching, Mr. Crayon suddenly woke up in a white void. He had lost his memory completely and wandered around, led by Grandpa Happy. After running into Smiley Guy, Mr. Crayon encounters all of the characters in a line. He speaks to Mr. Happy, and enters a door supposedly containing his memories. There he finds a Notebook, and is then led to The Artist, who restores his memory and informs him that he is a comic book character.

Variations In Appearance/StyleEdit

Mr. Crayon (above)

Alex Crayon

Classic Crayon

Dream World Crayon

Upside-Down Crayon (Only in Junior Happy Comics)