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Dream World Crayon

General Description==

Dream World Crayon only appears in Mr. Happy's Dream World. He is a figure of pure imagination, dreamed up by Mr. Happy. He looks like Mr. Crayon, except with the inclusion of glassess, buck teeth, and a curl of hair similar to Uncle Bob's. He has a depressed personality and spends his time fishing in polluted lakes.


First Apperance: Mr. Happy's Dream World: Mayor

Creator: Matthew (MrHappy21)

Color: Green

Glasses: Nerdy

Groups: Crayon Clan, Dream World, Residents of Happy Land


Mr. Happy doesn't see Mr. Crayon as his enemy, but his best friend. But if that's true, than why does Mr. Crayon apear like this in his dreams? Simple. Mr. Crayon's antics seem as jokes and pranks to him, so this is Mr. Happy's vision of him: funny and silly. When Mr. Happy dreams, it becomes reality in Dream World, so this is how DWC was created.


Along with being a character, DWC is featured as an achievement. You can earn this achievement by making 50 edits on Crayon Clan articles.