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Alex Crayon is the way my good friend Alex draws Mr. Crayon. He has dot eyes and a line on his forehead. His personality is most like Mr. Crayon's, but he is a little more timid.
Alex Crayon

Alex Crayon


First Appearance: Mr. Happy Visits Atlantis

Creator: Alex (No Wiki account)

Color: Green

Eyes: Dots


Alex Crayon started as the way Alex drew Mr. Crayon, but he eventually evolved into his own character. Knowing he was just a copy, Alex Crayon had a tough childhood. He lived miserably, feeling that he had been a mistake. In the end, it was actually Mr. Crayon that had comforted him. He told Alex Crayon that the line was a nice touch, and that was all Alex Crayon needed to be reassured. (At the time, Alex Crayon didn't know what sarcasm was)


You can earn the Alex Crayon Achievement by making twenty-five edits on Crayon Clan articles. It is a silver achievement, so you get fifty points for earning it. The emblem was made in Microsoft Paint, so it looks a little weird


Alex Crayon Achievement

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Currently Not in any comics on site.